Thursday, 2 April 2009

Its Time to Review for AP Calculus

It's the last day before Spring Break for my calc kids, and the time of year when we begin trying to brush up on all those ideas from first semester that slipped out of our memories, or things like related rates and implicit derivatives that never quite settled for some.

This year I told them I would post a list of helpful sites here that included some video lectures on specific topics and more traditional textbook type stuff.

The first is called Just Math Tutoring and it has a set of calculus videos focused on particular topics. They lok pretty good.

The second is from MIT and is labled Calculus for Beginners and Artists Not sure what that implies, but they have some good written lessons, and some nice java applets for slope fields and such (look under ordinary differential equations) as well as some other nice interactive stuff.

Then there is the Midnight Tutor, almost certainly a referrence to when they get their desparate crys for help. These guys will, apparently, let you send them a question and if they don't have a video solution already, they make one... do NOT call Mr. Ballew if they fail to produce.

And finally, if you really dig MIT stuff, there is an online one variable calculus course that has a lot of the same great stuff as the other MIT site.

Now turn off Facebook or My-space and go to work... down to five weeks to go... FIVE??? ... remember in September? You talked about that five... now is the time to work on making it happen. No music, no TV...just calculus.

Late Additions:

I just had someone call my attention to a link with calculus video lectures done by Selwyn Hollis, who was called "a truly excellent expositor". He even has links to Ipod and iphone... take calculus to the beach?
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