Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Dead tired and still couldn't sleep last night, so I thumbed through some old journal articles Dave Renfro sent me... and in the Spring 1978 Pi Mu Epsilon Journal they had one called "Superprof"...

Among the comparisons...
The Professor is stronger than a locomotive
The Associate Prof is stronger than a bull elephant
The Assistant Prof is stronger than a bull
The Instructor shoots the bull
The Grad Assistant smells like a bull....

The Prof. talks with God
The Associate prof talks with the angels
The Assistant Prof talks to himself
The instructor argues with himself
The Grad Asst loses arguments with himself..

and one that was sort of a math insider joke
The Prof. Creates consistent sets of axioms
The Associate Proves original theorems
The Assistant accepts axioms
The Instructor proves axioms
The Grad asst Disproves axioms...

Make up your own...
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