Friday, 6 November 2009

And Number 1000 Should Be

For a long time I've been studying the etymology and history of math words (and other things I thought were fun) and recording what I have found at my MathWords web page. A very amateur contribution, but a labor of love that has found its way into a few nice corners of math study at different levels... And today I added my 999th term... and now the quandary begins; What should be number 1000 to celebrate the moment. (to be honest, when I had 100, I really figured I pretty much had the landscape covered... wow... )
I would like it to somehow relate to the number itself, but I have used up all the ones I know.. SOOOOOooooo dear reader, have you any suggestions? Something profound. Something fitting for the moment of "chilioi-ness" (the root which gave us kilo, except the ending, I made that part up).

The world awaits.... History may yet hold a place for you as the one who first suggested this momentus term... Full credit in print, my gratitude, (and almost certainly a pot-load of temporary fame) will be yours.
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