Saturday, 30 January 2010

Don't Miss These

Dan MacKinnon over at Math Recreations has a nice blog about Appoloinian Gaskets formed by Ford Circles (what you get when the steering wheel comes off a Model A) and the relationship of course to Farey Sequences..(If you ever added fractions the way they told you was wrong... this is your revenge).

Also Robert Talbet over at Casting Out Nines has a nice video about Sierpinski's gasket as part of a Dorito Ad for the Super Bowl..... Fractals make the big time...

Addendum... Cory Poole, the teacher of the students who created the fractal commented on this post, Nice job Cory, you have ever reason to be justly proud of your students.

After getting Cory's message, I tracked down one of his web sites where he explains the process of construction (and some notes on motivation)... see it here
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