Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Little Math Humor

Shecky, who blogs at Math Frolic had a link to a site with some math jokes... This was the one that gave me the best chuckle.

Addendum: My Apologies to Steven Colyer whose blog "Multiplication by Infinity" is the blog I linked to above. Sorry not to have credited Steven in the first place... just must have been a busy day. Mia Culpa


Steven Colyer said...

Hey, that's MY blog you linked to, "Multiplication by Infinity"! Lol, glad you liked it, I am honored. I'm following your blog now, could you and Shecky return the favor?

Pat B said...

Sorry, I will make sure I give you credit, although it must be driving some folks your way, I get more hits on the cartoons than the substance... And thanks for following, and will certainly return the favor.

Steven Colyer said...

No apology necessary. I'm just an elvish archer of a scout in the forest of ignorance, beginning with my own. Much appreciated and thanks for joining. I like this website as well, being a geometer at heart.

Speaking of which, have you seen or read the book The Shape of Things published just this year by Shing-Tung Yau of Harvard Math and Steve Nadis? Yau proved Calabi's Conjecture, hence the familiar "Calabi-Yau" manifold (n-6) used in String Theory, a theory whose maths may seem intimidating, because they are a bit, but C-Y I'm sure will have other uses. I'm not a fan of String Theory, as I'm a tad partial to theories that can actually predict something.

The book however, is fantastic. Yau considers himself a geometer, and he's a legend in Geometry.

Are you a high school math teacher? I get that impression. I'm shooting for being a teacher myself, perhaps Calc 1 at a local junior college. We'll see.

Nice family btw. I'm also married to a brunette beauty. Looks like you have 2 kids and 2 grandkids. Good for you, and cheers.