Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Puzzle Universe

Just received this beautiful book for review from the folks at Firefly Books 
Having read several of  Ivan Moscovich's previous puzzle books, I was not surprised in thumbing through it to find a wonderful collection of puzzles and problems to challenge mathematicians of all ages and levels, and all presented in beautiful color.  What seems to be even newer here is a larger focus on the historical nature of the problems in the development of mathematics.  

A brief look at the contents points out the way the book is organized around the historical development of mathematical ideas:
The chapters are:
  • Thinking about Playthinks and Your Brain
  • Beginnings, Greek Math, Geometry and The Ahmes' Puzzle
  • Primes, Magic Squares and Queen Dido's Problem
  • Points, Topology and Euler's Seven Bridges Puzzle
  • Knights And Queens, Cutting Cakes and The Mystery of the Pendulum
  • Science, Dimensions, Randomness and The Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle
  • Infinity, Impossible, Mixed Hats and Mixing Tea with Milk Puzzle
  • Paradoxes, Cellular Automata, Hollow Cube and Night Crossing Puzzle
  • Perception, Illusions, Parity and Puzzles about Truth and Lies of Ray
  • Answers.
I expect to return to the beautiful problems presented later, but for now, check out what I believe may be the most beautiful coffee table holiday gift for all the puzzle lovers on your Christmas list.  Hope I don't spoil the surprise, but my grand kids will be getting a copy..  
The link at the top will take you to Amazon to order, or you can order from the publishers at the Firefly link.   
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