Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Math Books, Free to a Good (Mathematical) Home

OK, I'm back in the USofA and trying to clean up the old books to find places for the new books. If you would like any of these for just the postage cost, let me know. I think most of them can be mailed for under $4. Send me an email and I will give you instructions how to send postage, either by paypal or check if you prefer...
You can find an email box on my web page at http://wwww.pballew.net/etyindex.html

Here are the first few:

** CLAIMED***Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations; H Levy and E. A. Baggott... This is a Dover paperback in excellent shape and is listed as "First American Edition, 1950"

Mathematics for Everyone (hardback); F. Klinger, a revised and edited translation of Mais Oui, vous Comprenez les Maths The English edition copyright date is given as MCMLXV (how quaint)

Contempary Math (hardback); by Frank Clark, copyright 1964,

*** Claimed*** How to Think about Statistics, (paperbook, like new)John L. Phillips, Jr., copyright 1996, Still on sale at Borders for $16.95...

Invitation to mathematics, (hardback) William H Glenn and Donovan A Johnson; "Enjoy over 500 puzzles and problems as you learn about classical and new concepts in mathematics and exmaine their practical applications. (copyright 1961)
Interesting to look at a book printed in my own lifetime and find that the "unsolved problems" it lists are not all unsolved anymore. This one lists FLT and Four color theorem.... Mathematics Marches on....

***Claimed*** The World According to Wavelets, The story of a Mathematical Technique in the Making; (Hardback-like new) Barbara Burke Hubbard, copyright 1998

Thinking About Mathematics, (paperback) stewart Shapiro, Copyright 2000

If this works, I'll add more later, and if you have some old books you would like to swap, I'm still looking for things to fill the vacant places I just made on my bookshelf.
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