Friday, 16 October 2009

National Statistics Day

This Sunday (Oct 18, 2009)is National Statistics Day in Japan. (I am reminded that I heard a few years ago from Ron Dirkse, who used to teach at the American School in Japan, that the Japanese word for statistics, toukei, is pronounced much like the last name of the great statistician, John Tukey. Ron added that "according to a native speaker the tou means something like 'put together' and the kei is 'measure, calculate or total'. She thought it was interesting that there was a Tukey famous in statistics, but this word pre-dates him by a lot.")

It seems many countries in the world have such a celebration. It seems to be coordinated by the UN, and their web site says, "One hundred one countries and areas have been celebrating a statistics day, week or month to raise the profile of official statistics. There are variations in the way these events are held. About 80 of the countries celebrate a statistics day annually or intend to do so in the future. Some countries observe either a week-long event, or celebrate a statistics day every 5 years or did so as a one-time occasion."

Missing from the list??? Everyone in North America, the UK, France, Italy, China and Russia; among the large countries, but present of note is Australia, Germany, and a united approach with most of Africa celebrating on November 18, this year.

Some seem to have been doing this for a long time...In Poland, it seems, they have been celebrating a statistics day for 90 years...
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