Saturday, 15 January 2011

Unbelievably Prime-emirP ylbaveilebnU

Where do they find the time? I came across this amazing piece of trivia on a web page called "Futility Closet" by Greg Ross.

422889611373939731 is prime, whether it’s spelled forward or backward. Further, if it’s cut into 10 pieces:

through and through - reversible primes

… each row, column, and diagonal is itself a reversible prime.

Discovered by Jens Kruse Andersen.

Now I'm wondering, is it possible to find a four digit prime that might be similarly divided into a 2x2 rectangle with the same row, column and diagonal primeness? Ahh go on, you know you want to.... but share if you find one.

OK, so 13 and 31 are reversible primes, and 1331 is ....crap.. ok your turn.
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