Monday, 3 September 2007

Appalachian State Stuns Michigan

I don't like football (American football that is, I love soccer), but I love underdog stories, and this is a bigone... Here it is from the AP:

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 1 (AP) — Dexter Jackson sprinted through the secondary early in the first quarter, taunting nearly 110,000 Michigan fans by putting a finger over his lips en route to the end zone. Nearly three hours later, he got the desired result and the Big House was silent: Appalachian State 34, No. 5 Michigan 32.

For those who know even less about football than I do, Appalachian State is a Div I-AA school, which means, they are not even in the same class as Michigan however you interpret class. How outclassed were they? Well, No Division I-AA team had beaten a team ranked in the Associated Press poll since at least 1989.

I guess the recruiting video is right..Appalachian State is HOT, HOT, HOT... You gotta love folks who will go to school there even after they saw this video; that's the kind of determination that wins football games ...

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