Saturday 12 April 2008

Stoop and Deprecate

I often show my calculus students "Stand and Deliver" during the weeks after the AP exam. Recently Konrad K, one of my ex-students, sent me a note to check out the new episode of South Park, in which they do a parody, in part, of Escalante in the show. I can't see the whole thing because the link won't work outside the US, but if you want to see it, tryhere.

If you can't get the whole thing (for whatever reason) you can see a short clip at the blog site here.I'm sure I don't like the pro-cheating theme, and I hope nobody interprets this to mean that Jaime or the kids at Garfield over the years ever cheated... but it is parody.. I guess these guys have to be a little extreme to overcome the reality of the world today. There was the supposed case of the kids from Singapore calling back to friends in California between the time the test finished in the orient and started in the USA. Supposedly it became common enough that now there are two versions of most tests, one for the students in the US, and one for overseas.

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