Thursday 8 May 2008

A Good Day to Die

Richard Edward Arnold died today, May 8, 2008, just seven days before his 90th birthday. In my youth, I knew him as the Tennessee Plowboy, or just Eddy, and at five I walked around the house with a broom "guitar" and sang his Grand Ol' Opry hits. I'm sure at one time I knew the words to both these songs by heart, and even now they come back to mind quickly.

We both grew a lot between then and now, and I stopped singing around the age of seven (none too soon for my family and friends, I am sure). Along the way I never completely got away from country music, and ended up married to a gal who writes cowboy poems. One I like is aptly titled, "A Good Day to Die.", so here are a couple of verses.

The coffee get's thick near the bottom of the pot

.....That's how I like it...

When the fire's on the wane, the coals are most hot,

....That's how I like it...

When I take off my boots and wiggle my toes,

Then I stretch out on my bedroll in well-earned repose,

And pat my dog on his head and feel his wet nose

....That's how I like it....

When the prairie flowers' blooms are a treat to my eye,

And the cloud-herds stir up white puffs in the sky

Well, then life is so perfect, it'd be a good day to die,

Yes, Lord, you know that's how I like it.....

Good night Eddy, and thanks for all the tunes....

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