Friday, 29 May 2009

Math Teachers at Play # 8 is up for your entertainment and education at Let's Play math.... and they have math jokes... including the one above, which made me chuckle..

They also have a link to Soma Cubes (Soma Do, and Soma Don't)... A geometric assembly puzzle that, in the words of the creator, Piet hein, shows, "It is a beautiful humour of the nature, that the 7 simplest irregular combinations of cubes, can be recombined to the cube again. The multitudes of unity is again producing the unity. This is the worlds smallest philosophic system, and that surely must be an advantage". Like most people of my generation, I was first introduced to them by Martin Gardner in Scientific American, and was unaware until today that they were invented in 1936, "during a lecture of Quantum physics by Werner Heisenberg (Father of the un-certain principle). "

Dave Marain at MathNotations has several nice SAT problems that are worth stealing for your own class room.

So get over there, and enjoy yourself.

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