Wednesday 9 September 2009

Roman Mobius Mosaics, A Myth??? Maybe

Still looking for some graphic of the supposed 3rd century Roman Mosaics that include a Mobius strip... and found another reference to them in :

Mathland: from flatland to hypersurfaces
By Michele Emmer

[click on the graphics to enlarge]

Then I found this from :

Classical topology and combinatorial group theory
By John Stillwell

So... somebody has it wrong....

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r. r. vlorbik said...

trust stillwell. i love that book.
haven't actually *seen* it since
the early nineties, mind you.

i did a lecture in chuck livingston's
geometric topology class that i
copped outright from stillwell.

the left- and right- hand
trefoils aren't ambient isotopic.

stuff i used to know, volume MCMXCII.