Friday 22 January 2010

Math Humor

One of my ex-students, Ali B, sent me a link to the comic web site Spiked Math. Some of the comics are a little ... "ripe" for my HS students (Ali, I am telling your mom)... but here are a couple I thought were pretty nice..

I like this first one because I have a buzz-lightyear doll on my file cabinet that I can press the button and hear lines from the movie, like the one in this comic...not sure if it has a flaw or if they all work that way, but after you press the button and it delivers a line, it will wait three or four minutes and then do another... really freaks kids out when it happens...

This second, I thought, had the wrong title, it should have been something like non-transitive..(look it up children)...and thanks, Jeffo

1 comment:

Jeffo said...

You mean non-transitive, right?