Wednesday 6 April 2011

What Do Math People Do? redux

Robert Ghrist

I wrote recently about a student who asked me what people do with a maths education.  Today I came across a nice interview that John D. Cook did with Robert Ghrist.  "Robert is a professor of mathematics and electrical engineering. He describes his research as applied topology,.."  It just sounds like the kind of interview a student wondering about math might want to read.... twice. 

Come on.. how can you resist a title like "Applied topology and Dante".

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Steven Colyer said...

Dante and Math, nice. The Arts and Mathematics. Well there's quite a bit of that, especially in contemporary art. Check out the blocks in NYC, in Soho and Chelsea, between 20th and 29th St., and 9th and 11th Avenues. VERY inspiring stuff in this regard.

I had not thought that literature provided much, other than Haiku and Lewis Carroll, so thanks Pat.

Sabine "Bee" Hossenfelder of Germany wrote a nice piece re mathematics' usefulness, here at her blog BackReAction.