Monday, 11 July 2011

Einstein's Desk On Day after his Death

Don't you want a zoom of every item on there.... what was he thinking on the last day he worked here...?


Steven Colyer said...

He was probably thinking:

"Octolibra! Vy does it has to take so long to die!"

I believe he was at home in pain the last week. Wolfgang Pauli was the last to visit.

Thanks for this, Pat. Can't get enough of Albert. I like the semi-clutter. My worst day at work was when my secretary cleaned up my desk. I couldn't find anything!

By the way, you and Jeannie back in the USA yet?


Pat's Blog said...

Jeannie is, I have another five days... soon though... like that old Negro spiritual, "free at last"...

Steven Colyer said...

Stop-off in JFK for half an afternoon and we'll check out The Mathematics Wall at the Hall of Science in Queens. Ever attend the 1964-65 New York World's Fair?