Tuesday 13 December 2022

Not Quite Equal

***** WARNING!!!!!********** Repeat of some very old jokes

Darryl Brock, A fellow teacher at school sent out some puns today... and I rewrote some of them as .... dare I call them... equations... 

 The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table = Sir Cumference.
 eye doctor on an Alaskan island =an optical Aleutian 

 A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France = Linoleum Blownapart 

 Atheism = a non-prophet organization

 A chicken crossing the road = poultry in motion 

 short fortune-teller who escaped from prison = a small medium at large

 WWI soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray = a seasoned veteran

cannibals eating a missionary = a taste of religion

 joining dangerous cults = Practicing un-safe sects!

*** Please do NOT throw things...

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