Saturday, 25 July 2009


Just trying out a new method that allows latex on blogger, ignore for now...


$\sum_{i=1}^n x_i\$

John D. Cook, who writes a really great blog over at The Endeavour pointed out that the Latex method I use does not show up on the Google reader screen as math, but Latex script. He also sent me a link to the "TeXer" at the Art of Problem solving in one of his comments (below) that is also a nice way to clip a picture and put it into your web page.

You go to the site and type in the code and press submit, then right click to save the picture and post to Blogger in the usual way (Not as quick, but I think it will show up in reader)..

John also pointed out that you can do a lot of math-typing with straight html, and sent this link as well from his web page (thanks John).

I do NOT know LaTex well, and I know many other HS teachers do not either, but I want to learn more without taking a concentrated course.... one way to learn, and compose LaTex script is to use a widget I have on my Google home screen called "Sitmo"

You can use the character and symbol screens to construct the symbol, then copy the LaTex code, or copy the image.. and of course, its also free.

A footnote for those keeping score: I just realized this was my 250th post on Blogger....


Unknown said...

It works when I visit your site directly, but when I read your blog through Google Reader I see the TeX source code and not the symbol images.

Pat's Blog said...

Thanks, I'm not sure it is enough of an advantage over laying an image of an equation in-line to make it useful..

Unknown said...

You can do more math in plain HTML than many people realize. I stick to HTML and manually insert images for LaTeX equations when necessary using this. It's low-tech but reliable.

watchmath said...

Hi, thank you for testing the script and reporting the bug about the error in google reader.
I don't have a stable solution right now but I know a get around solution.
After you save your post as draft, use firefox to preview it. Select the post content (all of them), right click and view selection source (or page source), copy it and paste to your editor in html mode. I have tried it on my blogspot and it seems works.

Unknown said...

Here's something else you may find useful. There's a site called Detexify that lets you draw a symbol on their page with you rmouse and it will tell you which LaTeX characters most closely match.