Thursday 6 December 2012

An Untapped Source to Boost the Economy

I have recently been receiving some nice graphic posts from a young lady named Jessica who does graphic stats for something called LearnStuff about which I know little.  What I do know is that these are the kind of graphics I would have loved to have for my AP Stats classroom to stimulate their thoughts about the subject.

The recent one she sent was about the inequity of women's pay for equal work.  Here is one that jumped out at me as we sit and wait for congressional action before the oft touted fiscal cliff to destroy us all.

Wow,  now with that increase of income in the US, if any of it went to consumption that could actualy fuel the kind of recovery that would help alleviate the economic problems and debt payments we face.  Of course all those women are probably rich white women who would just put their money on their tax shelters off-shore....

or maybe not:

I haven't checked the statistics behind this, but they list sources at the bottom of the site, so you are welcome to follow up and check on these, or ask your students to do the same.

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