Thursday, 2 September 2010

Not for Credit

I came across a report on a South Eastern Section meeting of the MAA in an old American Mathematical Monthly (Feb 1934) and noticed a session by Professor C. G. Phipps of the Univ of Florida entitled, "Subfreshman Mathematics." The abstract for the talk said,
"The University of Florida is trying out a new plan to handle the student who is very poorly prepared in mathematics. At the end of the second week of school a simple test on algebra and arithmetic is given to all freshman classes. Those who are unable to score a certian percentage are put into a no-credit course where they are taught the fundamentals they should have learned earlier."

Dave Renfro, who sent me the article wondered if this might be the first no-credit remedial course in college math.

"Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?"

Also, I read a few years back that over 25% of college freshmen were taking such a course (math for no-credit) across the nation. Does anyone have a good source for a valid number in recent years?
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