Wednesday, 8 September 2010

USA as Outlier

David Bee sent a note to the AP Stats EDG with a link to an article in the NY Times by Charles Blow with the interesting graph above. Students should be able to find at least four variables described in the one graph.

Dave suggests that the US is an outlier... do you agree?


Nate said...

As there are four variables represented, I wonder if a different choice of the pair of variables on the axes would still give the impression that the US is atypical. For example, if you graphed population against proportion claiming religion is important to them, allowing the size to represent GDP and the color to represent dominant religion, I think the US might be more central. I'm not sure though, it's a bit taxing on my visual faculties. A four-dimensional graph seems a bit dazzling and too complex to be a very effective use of statistics.

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