Sunday, 26 September 2010

Home Schooling Data

Found this data link at Maria Miller's "Homeschool Math Blog". Some interesting info about home-schooled students who take the SAT... Now I wonder how they compare to all home-schooled students.
Since I'm not sure how this graphic will work, here is a link to the original source, or just click on the image.

Homeschooling by the Numbers [Infographic]


Anonymous said...

Interpreting these statistics is tough: the demographics of the home-schoolers and public schoolers is not matched, so you are comparing different populations, not different schooling methods.

Also, homeschoolers aren't required to take the SAT, so there is an enormous self-selection bias.

Pat's Blog said...

That's true, but public school student's also self select to take the SAT... I checked the overall statistics for percentage of parents of SAT test takers who have college degrees, and the percentage is not greatly different from the same measure of home-schooled students, if my memory is correct. I think home schooling (and private schools) may get extremes from both ends of the intellectual spectrum.. and perhaps not evenly. It may be that the outliers on the one end take the test, and the ones on the other don't.