Thursday, 16 September 2010

I Still Hate Pie Charts

Admitted to my Stats class the other day that I hate pie charts... they just seem static.... then I came across an example of them being used in a non-static way to show data across time and comparing two different things........ end result??? I STILL hate Pie Charts.

I found the link exploring a blog called Junk Charts by Kaiser Fung (see his book below). Here is what it was mostly about.

"The Wall Street Journal reported that the Ritz-Carlton brand of hotels has been hit worse in the slump than other brands in the Marriott family," and then this chart:

Now how much does that difference jump out at you looking at the graphs? For me you have to study it pretty closely to see it. But then he constructed a line graph of the same data...

You be the judge... (or as I often say to my students in imitation of a UK tv commercial..."compare the meerkat"0

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