Tuesday 8 March 2011

I Kicked the Computer's Butt!

Hot on the hills of the IBM computer victory on Jeopardey, I have snatched back a little self-respect for humankind by totally dominating a computer version of a classic mental game.

  Shecky, at Math Frolic posted a link where you can go and play rock-paper-scissors.  (or Jan-ken-pon as the Japanese called it when I lived there for a dozen years  I know ken is related to "fist" in Japanese, not sure how the rest translates)  Maybe it was all those years of living in Japan that make me SOOOO good, because,  I actually almost never play the game and yet... skunked the computer... (maybe the computer expected intelligent play and I foiled it with irrational choices). 

Here is a screen capture of my score, and these are the actual results...although I did stop after building up a lead in fear of a comeback by the computer...
And observe please, this was at the "veteran" level. 

Go ahead... try your skills..

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